The Team
Derek Bastien
Co-Founder & President

Derek's passion has always been people and community. When Chris first started a version of Karaoke Charlotte back in 2016, Derek first hopped on board as CMO and used his marketing and events background to help transform the idea into a community. In 2019, Derek led the charge in crafting a 2.0 version of the organization that exists today. 

When he's not working on community projects, Derek loves quoting The Office, rapping Eminem songs, making nerdy comments, creating odd noises, dancing goofy moves...and lots of other silly goose things. 

Chris Barber
Co-Founder & VP of Membership and Partnerships

Chris loves music, he loves good people, and of course, he definitely loves karaoke. Bring them all together, and you have the brainchild idea of what became Karaoke Charlotte. He started A Not So Empty Orchestra (the precursor to Karaoke Charlotte) back in 2016 with the goal of uniting people through music and good times.

When he's not playing professionally in his band RadioJacks, Chris enjoys hiking, video games, Dungeons and Dragons, VR, cosplay, Marvel Comics...and lots of other geeky things. 

Heather Huff
Co-Founder & VP of Marketing

Heather is a woman of adventure, fun, and good vibes. Early on in the life of Karaoke Charlotte, Heather brought an energy and inclusiveness that was instrumental in growing the group. She was a leader in outreach to new members, launched our first communication program, and was the spark that helped solidify a recurring group of people.

When she's not kickin' it with her dog Teddy, Heather loves to play volleyball, travel, hike, and explore the world around her. 

Beau Walker
Co-Founder & VP of Creative

Beau is man of passion, of man of endless creativity, and a guy with one heck of a sense of humor. With his background in design and acting, Beau brings a delightful creative energy to the group that keeps us light and on our toes. His wit is unmatched, so before you start shouting drunken nonsense at him at 2:30 am in the Jeff's parking lot (this happens, prepare to be outwitted...and probably laugh a bit, too. 

When he's not quoting The Office or doing impromptu comedy bits, Beau enjoys powerlifting, more karaoke, and spending time with his girlfriend Moriah. 

Anthony L. Dawkins

Anthony has a calm and soothing presence, much to the contrast of many of the hyper members of our group (lol). This composure, coupled with his heart and creativity is a key factor in his ability to observe and capture the world around him with such elegance. His photography is featured on this site, and his ability to capture and document our most intimate and special moments as a group is a cherished treasure. 

When Anthony isn't hangin' with us at Jeff's, he's capturing other karaoke venues and scenes in Charlotte, enjoying the music scene, and spending time with friends. 

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